Becoming a makeup artist or simply learning how to apply makeup as a makeup artist has always been an expensive and time consuming exercise for most women. Only those who were fortunate enough to spend thousand of Dollars on a makeup school could receive such training. I then stumbled on a site which they call the University of Makeup. It’s basically an online training program to learn how to apply makeup correctly. Many of my readers have asked me to write a review and therefore I decided to join one of their makeup courses.

Before I joined I went through their whole site to see exactly what their courses were all about. While going through all the training material I asked myself certain questions so that I can give an honest review to me readers. Please note that this is my opinion and it might differ from other makeup artists.

There are a few core features of their makeup courses and so I want to list them below:

  1. You receive up to 67 makeup lessons depending in which makeup course you join. You can complete the training lessons on your own time.
  2. You have to practice on yourself or find a study partner so that you can practice on each other.
  3. You get 7 bonus ebooks. The ebooks are pretty handy and well written. It gave me a lot of tips regarding makeup, skincare, hair care, etc.
  4. You are able to buy from their cosmetic store at reduced prices. Members also receive free shipping on their purchases to matter where they live.
  5. You get a few hundred MAC Face Charts which will help you choose which makeup colors go with each other.
  6. You receive assistance from their team of professional makeup artists. So if you have any makeup question then you can just send them an email.
  7. If you join the Full Makeup Course you can also receive your makeup certificate.
  8. The Full Makeup Course also comes with template documents. This is one of the great features. It will certainly help you when setting up your own artistry.
  9. You can choose to include a makeup kit. I decided to take the makeup kit with my course. It took about 3 days to arrive and I didn’t pay for the shipping. It certainly contains the top brands in makeup. I love the foundation and brushes.

The main question I asked myself was if women are able to learn the art of makeup with this course. Would someone really know how to apply makeup professionally after they’ve watched every training video? My answer is yes. I went through every video and although not every video is perfect, I certainly learned very much.

Anneke who is the main makeup artist has been in the industry for many years and she still runs her own makeup artistry. She has a great way of teaching which makes it easy to understand. There were a few things I didn’t understand but she got back to my questions very quickly which I really appreciated.

There is a lot of video content to download. You can also watch it directly from the website but it’s better to download it. You can then rewind and forward as you please without having to worry about slow internet or a slow computer. Here in the US we don’t have an issue with our internet connections but it might be an issue in other countries. If you have a slow internet connection then you might find it useful to get the DVD set. The DVD set consists of 6 DVDs in the Full Makeup Course and 5 DVDs in My Makeup and Bridal Makeup Course.

My only issue might be that some of the videos are very long. They don’t cut any footage so you see everything from start to finish. I guess that’s how it should be.

I’m very pleased with the makeup training. The course is a bit expensive but I see that they now also have a payment plan available. Therefore you pay it over 3 months if you have to. I will recommend the University of Makeup. I think it’s a great buy.

Have a look at their makeup courses to see if you’re interested.